What we do

Welcome to Kontextlab! We have built the platform KontextMaps. With it, we publish formats, support processes and license it to anyone who wants to convey knowledge sustainably.

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Knowledge is precious...

... if it's productive.

There has never been as much knowledge as there is today. And it’s growing. Exponentially. Virtually any information can be called up in seconds, literally at your fingertips. But is it productive?

Information is often stuck in silos, the context of the big picture is missing, or the crucial knowledge component remains hidden in the flood of information. However, in order to comprehensively understand a topic, an area of ​​knowledge, the connection between individual pieces of information is crucial. Individual pieces of information only make sense in their overall context. We are specialized in tracking down and connecting information as well as conveying it. So your knowledge becomes productive.

Individual bits of information are only valuable in their context

Overview and depth.

We take a bird's and a frog's eye view. Because it depends on all aspects - and on conveying them in the best possible way.

Kontext Development

To understant the context we work closely with you. Talk to knowledge carriers, collect content, track down information, and make the crucial connections between individual pieces of information.

Kontext Mediation

For context mediation we use knowledge maps – which on the one hand make the overview and structure visible and on the other hand contain the relevant information in its context. In our team we combine editorial expertise (text & (moving) image) with design (graphics, animation, UX/UI) and software development.

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Our offer

From consulting to implementation

We help to use knowledge! From indexing to mediation. In workshops, with editorial work, design and software development, we do find knowledge treasures and convey them in the best possible way in digital knowledge maps:

Internal communication • Education and training • Onboarding • Change processes • Knowledge storage • Seminar or conference publication •


Our established process is guided by the content. In close coordination with everyone involved, we identify and structure the crucial information.

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Editing & Design

From research to structuring to design – we support the creation of a KontextMap in all areas.

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KontextMaps Tool

Our tool for creating, maintaining content and publishing interactive knowledge maps.

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