For the realisation of special topics we work with partners. Experts who have built up outstanding expertise in their respective sectors through years of experience. They know the details, understand markets, have experts and can also handle context maps. They gained this experience with KontextMaps in numerous projects for their own clients. We are very happy to work with strong partners.

Conbene Improvement GmbH, Germany, EU

Conbene Improvement GmbH is a consulting company committed to the continuous improvement of performance in the construction and plant industry – in favour of the conservation of resources, with increased pleasure in the development and realisation of projects and products. Transformation is their business. They provide advice and support.
KontextMaps are used to communicate change processes in large companies and corporations so that all employees are on the same page and pulling in the same direction.

Legal by Design AG, Schweiz

Legal by Design AG is a legal information design agency in Zurich and supports its clients in the effective, human- and user-centred communication of complex legal topics.

Based on our KontextMaps tool, she designs, structures and implements interactive and layered LegalMaps that provide addressees with quick, intuitive and individual access to legal content. Communicate, search, deepen, learn and look up in a single, easily customisable and modularly expandable digital solution. For legal content that makes a difference. For people. Thanks to Design.

Would you like to become a partner? Write to us!