Der Kontext

The context is the first publishing format for current topics in interactive knowledge maps. Independently researched, compiled and prepared with a lot of passion, curiosity, thirst for knowledge and innovative strength. For background, context and depth on big issues of our time.

The big picture! This is what Der Kontext shows. Each edition focuses on a current socio-political topic and examines it from all relevant perspectives. This creates a comprehensive picture in which the connections between politics, the economy, society, technical or social aspects as well as topic-specific influencing factors are visually mapped. For the overview. Readers are immersed in a playful way, go on an interactive

Journey of discovery, jumping from point to point. Serendipity opens the view for a broadened picture that tears out of existing paths to open the possibility for a comprehensive formation of opinion. All editions contain in-depth researched content, numerous interviews with topic experts and infographics that show complex information in an understandable way. True to the motto of the editions:
Dive in. Discover. Understand.

The Editions

Overview of published topics