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Editing & Design

Conceiving, researching, analysing, structuring, writing, editing, interviewing, recording, animating, editing, designing, developing, realising, publishing.

We create digital knowledge maps. Supportive or complete.

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Editorial Staff

From research and content creation (text, video, image, graphics) to editing and content maintenance of existing knowledge maps, we are happy to take on all steps. Interviews with knowledge holders, tracking down crucial building blocks of information, data analysis and content editing.

We offer:

Concept, research, text, editing, interviews, documentation


Good design is crucial for the best possible mediation. We offer the development of an individual design that adheres to corporate design guidelines. So that the results are presented in a way that they are understood and that it is fun to delve into on a comprehensive knowledge map.

We offer:

Concept, structure, CI/CD-compliant implementation, video editing, animations, infographics, icons

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