Terms of use

For us the fair and socially respectful approach of equals is very important – this applies to all helpers, readers, users, journalists, self employed and permanent employees, interview partners, supporters, content partners, bloggers, forum contributers, facebook user, tweeteres, and so forth. The principles of our corperation are: “Live and let be, help others where possible. ” We are convinced that with this approach we can contribute to being a better company.

However, since certain legal rules must be adhered to, we need these
terms of use, terms and conditions and a privacy policy. And so that we can improve our products and services we have to track what happens on our websites. This is done to provide all users with the best possible service. We strictly reject the surveillance of individuals.

Without a question: apart from requests from law enforcement, we never share any data, of any kind, to third parties. Period. For one, because we do not want others to play with our data, and secondly, as that is just the decenct and respectful thing to do. We realize that others have a different opinion, however for us this is a given fact. We do our utmost to protect all of our data.

If you want to contact us through encrypted means, please contact us directly so that we can send you information regarding a PGP key and fingerprint.

Limitated liability

The contents of the websites of the contextlab GmbH (in particular
www.derkontext.com / .de / .net / .ch / .eu; www.kontextlab.com / .de /.net /.ch /.eu) are treated with the utmost care compiled and created by the editors of the Kontextlab GmbH. For the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the contents we can not be held accountable. Any use of the content on websites of the Kontextlab GmbH is at the user’s own risk. Contributions marked by name, provide only the opinion of the respective author and do not represent the opinion of Kontextlab GmbH.

External links

On the websites of the Kontextlab GmbH (in particular www.derkontext.com /
/.net/.ch /.eu; www.kontextlab.com / .de /.net /.ch /.eu) links to external offers by third parties are accessible. These Offers are subject to the liability of the respective operators and evade the area of influence of the Kontextlab GmbH. The Kontextlab GmbH is not responsible for the content provided on the respective links in any form, even when the links are accessible. Without concrete references to any legal violations
we can not afford constant control. As soon as it becomes known that violations of external links have been committed, these are deleted immediately by the Kontextlab GmbH.

Copyright and ancillary copyright

All published contents and the websites of the Kontextlab GmbH are subject to copyright- and ancillary copyright-laws. Any financial gain, that is not permitted by German copyright and ancillary copyright law requires the the prior written consent of the Kontextlab GmbH. This explicitly applies to editing, saving, translation, processing and duplication of content in databases or other electronic media and systems.

The publication of the pages of the Kontextlab GmbH on websites of others providers must be coordinated with managing representatives of the Kontextlab GmbH and in particular, any publication requires the consent of managing representatives of the Kontextlab GmbH.