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It is very important to us to deal fairly and collectively with everyone on an equal footing – with all helpers, readers, users, journalists, freelancers and permanent staff, interview partners, supporters, content partners, bloggers, forumists, Facebookers, Twitter people, and so on. The principle: “Live well and let live well, help where you can”. is our guiding principle in questions of togetherness. We are convinced that with this attitude we can make a small contribution to a better togetherness.

However, since certain legal rules have to be observed, we need terms of use, GTCs and data protection regulations. And so that we can improve our service, our products, we do track what happens on our websites. This is done in order to be able to offer all users the best possible service. We strictly reject the surveillance of individuals.

It goes without saying: except for law enforcement purposes, we never pass on data of any kind to third parties. Full stop. On the one hand, because we ourselves do not want our data to be played with, and on the other hand, because we consider it a matter of decency and respect. We are aware that others see it differently, but it is our firm conviction. We do our utmost to protect all data as best we can with our resources.

Anyone who wants to contact us in encrypted form is welcome to do so –
we then send information on our PGP key and the fingerprint.

Limitation of liability

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