About us

We are Julia Köberlein, Erich Seifert and Bernhard Scholz – the founders of Kontextlab GmbH. Our team combines content, conception, design and software development. Together we have specialised in the communication of complex information. We develop formats that offer users an experience on both a content and design level. Cross-media, multi-perspective, intuitive and interactive.
“Which content is necessary to understand complex topics and how can these be conveyed in an optimal, entertaining and high-quality way?” This guiding question helps our interdisciplinary team to focus on the essential again and again: How to best convey information for enlightened readers/users.
We developed the Kontextlab.maps platform for the interactive background magazine Der Kontext. It showed that complex topics can be found in many areas and that the presentation possibilities of our platform can be useful for many users. For this reason we offer companies, organisations and institutions the possibility to license our technology.