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Our mission is to track down connections and background information, to make them visible and tangible. For this we take the bird's and the frog's eye view, dive deep into what is relevant and work out the structure of big issues.
For overview and depth.

How we work

Clarity is the goal of knowledge transfer: for example, in change processes, in strategy developments or in communication issues. Whenever it’s a question of bringing different stakeholders together, breaking down silo thinking or simply getting “everyone around the table”. Because when everyone pulls together, even the biggest projects pick up speed.

With our established process, we can support exactly that. We accompany your project from the relevant perspectives with structuring and depth of content. Together in a digital knowledge map that not only reveals information in the process, but also keeps everyone up to date afterwards.

Our process

Content first

Our process

Research: We research to gain a deep understanding. This sorting and structuring allows us to subsequently create knowledge maps with depth.

Evaluation, weighting and hierarchisation: Based on the research results, we check all the knowledge building blocks, put them in order and establish initial connections.

Hands on: Workshops with knowledge holders and decision makers. The result is a visual knowledge structure. Gains in knowledge are immediately included.

Fill the knowledge base: Now the results are reweighted, sorted and supplemented. This is followed by interviews and expert discussions as well as in-depth research.

Coordination: In order to achieve the greatest possible clarity at all times, we continuously exchange information on the results with clients, knowledge holders and decision-makers.

Our offer


Where we support


Dive deep from the outside to find what’s important with an unbiased eye. Benefit from our extensive experience in locating and analysing information.


Make the overview and connections from units of information. The visualisation creates clarity and shows the context.


Lifting knowledge treasures together. In a tried-and-tested format, we work with you to find the crucial information and connect what is important.

Areas of application

The Lab-effect

What our process with knowledge maps helps with

Researching, analyzing, linking, structuring and of course collecting and sorting. Ours work begins with the content and culminates in extensive knowledge maps that clearly bundle entire specialist books. These maps can be embedded privately in intranets or be publicly accessible.

By bundling and visualizing knowledge, it is possible to quickly integrate new employees into the structures and processes of an organization. Even before training, it becomes clear what connections exist and how focused cooperation works.

Complex products in particular can be mapped comprehensively and deeply with knowledge maps. This saves lengthy training sessions and sales teams are productive faster.

Decision options with long-term consequences must be viewed from different perspectives. We help you to show them and to make the connections visible. So that decisions are made in such a way that the result is the best possible in the long term.

We are involved in change processes in terms of content. Give everyone involved an overview when an organization or individual processes change. Show how the individual cogs interlock and where the journey should go. So that the collective knowledge is up to date and everything runs smoothly.