SDG Mapping

Knowledge management at the UN in Geneva

SDG Mapping is the competence mapping of the Geneva-based UN organisations working on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations.

In Geneva, more than 100 organisations are working on the SDGs in one form or another. Employees in the individual organisations are not always aware that the same or similar tasks are also being tinkered with in other organisations. Nevertheless, they are pulling together – with united forces this would be even more efficient. To address this problem, the idea came up to clearly map the competences of the organisations working on the SDGs in knowledge maps.

On the one hand, so that the staff of the organisations can see who is working on what elsewhere and, on the other hand, so that researchers and journalists also have access to this knowledge.

In the first step, we built the structure of the mappings from an enormous data set that PCP staff had collected. In total, one for each competence and SDG. In addition, we created a structured database from which the mappings can feed their content. This database can be easily maintained by UN agency staff via web forms to keep the information contained up-to-date.

With a design and the transfer of the data set and an automatic filling of the mappings with the data, the publication of the maps followed. We also created a search and filter function that allows the data set to be searched via lists.

Finally, we created a website on which the SDG mapping is publicly embedded.

Project info


  • Password-protected web forms with which organisations can maintain and expand content themselves
  • Filter function: Categories & Organisations
  • Visual representation of the content in multilayer mind maps. Comparison Mapping & Expertise Mapping.
  • Partial automation of the visualisation

Target group

Governments, politicians, decision-makers, organisations, scientists

Service Kontextlab

  • Concept

  • Design

  • technical implementation

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