At a glance

Web based

Works in all browsers

Easy to integrate

Integrate knowlede maps using iFrames on your own site

Individual design

Knowledge map design based on your own CICD guidelines


Our servers are located in Germany. Data protection is a must.


Can be used on any device: desctop or mobile


Link to specific areas on the map

Integrated asset management system

No media porting required - simply upload original content

Multiple paths to your content

Find content directly on your map, search for it or navigate to it via a pre defined path


Easily create your own maps

Search & find

Every map has its own searchbar and table of content

User rights management

You define the individual user's access rights

Points of integration

Automatically integrate existing content

Search. Find. Discover.

Three ways to populate your map


Draw the points directly in the web-based editor and populate them with content.

Points of integration

Permanently updated content via an integration point.


Use layout algorithms to automatically generate your map using structured data.

We ♥ love our clients

Dr. Bettina Hansen

Publishing manager of Thieme

Working with the founders of Kontext and Kontextlab is a pure pleasure. Smart people who work with their peers to develop smart solutions to keep track of a wealth of knowledge. They perfomr deep-dives at any time to acquire and extract additonal information – and then zoom back out again. This is a capability in which this electronic medium shows in full potential. This also applies to our content for training in all health professions. This also applies to our content for training in all health professions.

Peter Eiselmair

CEO of the Education Group GmbH, Linz/Austria

I see enormous potential for the entire education sector in these interactive theme maps! We are pleased to have found an ideal partner in "Kontextlab GmbH" in order to be able to offer innovative knowledge acquisition solutions for individual learning prerequisites for school-relevant topics. The Education Group as expert for innovative-creative solutions at the interface of pedagogy, technology and media will thus further enrich the educational landscape in Austria!

Anton Seitz

Stiftung Bildungspakt Bayern (Foundation for Education of the Bavarian State)

The opportunities for parents to participate in Bavarian schools are manifold. The parents' councils are in contact with various groups of people in their area of work and can contribute to a wide variety of topics. The presentation of these networked and branched fields of activity succeeds on the website using the theme maps of KontextLab in an ingeniously simple approach. The capture of the topic by the user of the map is intuitively possible. The design and administration is easy for the provider to implement.

Ulrike Heitzer

Division manager communication | marketing | academy | CSR

Maschinenringe Deutschland GmbH; Bundesverband der Maschinenringe e. V.

Our goal was to show the complex worlds of our agricultural organization in their variety of forms and on an appropriate and entertaining format of our current generation. Complex relationships are best explained, and ultimately understood in small steps. That's why we chose "Kontextlab".

Julia Köberlein and Bernhard Scholz supported us in a very professional and pragmatic way.

Michael Møller

Director General
United Nations Office of Geneva (UNOG)

[...] Thank you for putting your talent and skills to work for the United Nations. [...] Keep up the good work.

Stephan Balzer

red onion GmbH

For the first edition of the Q Berlin Questions, a conference initiated by the city of Berlin, we worked with Kontextlab and built a map for the announcement and documentation of the event. The complexity and branching of our topics could thus be visualized and constantly expanded on the website. The collaboration with Julia and Bernhard was fun and we were happy to have them on board for our first Q.